Winston Zeddemore

Director Emiritus of Training Operations, Ghostbusters International

"Spend a week at Fort Arnold and we'll see if you're still so cocky, Pinhead..."

Personal Timeline: Winston Zeddemore
May 2. Winston Ramsey Zeddemore is born in New York City to construction worker Edward "Big Ed" Zeddemore and his wife Lucille. Winston has one sister, Evangelean.

Winston Zeddemore is drafted by the Army and sent to Vietnam. Canon Note: the script for GB1 suggests Winston's qualifications include "Electronic countermeasures, Strategic Air Command .... Black belt in Karate ... Small arms expert"...he may have been in the military until not long before 1983, but it is also suggested that he worked with his father for a time. The events below until 1983 are a tentative timeline proposed by Brian Reilly

Honorable Discharge

Begins construction work with father's company

Rejoins the military as a medic in training.

Leaves the military again

Works construction part time while searching for a new job

Winston responds to an ad from a bunch of nutjobs calling themselves "Ghostbusters" and is hired by them. He promptly finds himself in a fight for the fate of the world against a hundred foot marshmallow man.

December 24. Winston is introduced to Kaila McMillan, a former coworker of Ghostbuster secretary Janine Melnitz. Winston and Kaila begin dating on New Year's Eve.

Winston is told he is the reincarnation of Tangalli chieftain Shima Buku.

The Ghostbusters Inc. is forced to close as paranormal investigators, though Winston and Ray continue to use the Ghostbusters equipment and ECTO-1 as props to entertain children at parties.

Late in the year, Ghostbusters Inc. reactivates to battle Vigo the Carpathian.

Ghostbusters Inc. is dissolved once more, at Egon's instigation, leading to a major rift with the other Ghostbusters as well.

December 20 Winston Zeddemore marries his longtime girlfriend, Kaila MacMillan, a museum curator.

After the break up of Ghostbusters, Winston and his wife move to Montana, and Winston gets a job piloting a small commuter jet.

December 18. Charlene Zeddemore is born

Late in the year, the original Ghostbusters are reunited by the efforts of Janine Melnitz. Winston and his family return to New York in early 1998, and resume activities with the company.

GBI opens "Fort Arnold", a training facility for new GBI recruits. Winston becomes the headmaster of this facility

Winston's sixteen year old daughter Charlene serves a summer internship with the Los Angeles based Ghostbusters West Coast Division. She becomes a full Reservist in 2011 while she attends college; she attains a Doctorate in Psychology in 2019.

Winston retires from Ghostbusting; Eduardo Rivera succeeds him as Commandant of Fort Arnold

Known Relatives of Winston Zeddemore
Kaila MacMillan Zeddemore
Relation: Wife (married 1991)
Canon: Mentioned but not named in RGB. Seen in RGB#23 (comic). Name is Fan (Brian Reilly)

Dr. Charlene Zeddemore
Relation: Daughter (born 1992)
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh and OgreBBQ)

Edward Zeddemore
Relation: Father
Canon: RGB

Lucille Zeddemore
Relation: Mother
Canon: GB1 novelization (Richard Mueller); in The Return she is given the name Evangelean; we are treating this as apocryphal. The name Evangelean was moved to Winston's sister.

Evangelean Zeddemore Tolan
Relation: Sister
Canon: Mentioned in XGB; Name is Fan (Fritz Baugh), but inspired by Winston's mother's name in The Return (iB). Married name comes from GB2016.

Bill Tolan
Relation: Brother-in-law
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh). All established at this moment is that he was a former construction worker for Ed Zeddemore. He is presumably the father of Winston's nephew; loosely based off a character Ernie Hudson played in GB2016.

Patty Tolan
Relation: Niece
Canon: Based off a character in GB2016. Ernie Hudson played her uncle Bill in the movie; for GBOT Bill was reworked into her father and Winston became her uncle.

Nephew (first name unrevealed)
Canon: Mentioned in GBLegion#1; presumed the son of Bill and Evangelean Tolan, and brother of Patty. Was born probably at least a year before 1984.

Cousin (Name Unrevealed)
Canon: iBooks. All that was revealed about him is that he is an accountant--he does Winston's Mom's taxes.

Shima-Buku (deceased)
Relation: Ancestor
Canon: RGB

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