October 14, 2014
[Sigh] I guess I better do this.

Yes, I heard...

Katie Dippold, who wrote Paul Feig’s female buddy action comedy The Heat, is reteaming with the director for Sony's new Ghostbusters movie.

Dippold has been tapped to co-write the script with Feig for the long-gestating third installment.

Feig came on board to rejuvenate the project in August, with a twist: the Ghostbusters would now be a female team, and the project would launch a new series instead of being connected to the earlier movies.

So what do I think?

1. First of all, before anything else, this doesn't mean it will happen. We've had directors and scripts before, with Ivan Reitman working with Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, then Etan Coen, and of course before that Dan Aykroyd's Hellbent treatment.

2. "Female team". Guess what? I'm all for it. I can't believe some of the dudebro whining about this idea on...let's just say several spots on the internets. It's 2014 guys (and if the movie even happens it'll be even later. We may even have a female President by then). You can't convince me that the idea of kicking ghost ass is a male-only profession--Janine Melntiz-Spengler, Dr. Kylie Griffin, Melanie Ortiz, and numerous other female Ghostbusters from fanon would like to have a word with you. What next? Fedoras for your Ghostbuster uniforms? Sheesh.

3. "A new series instead of being connected to the earlier movies". On the one hand, yeah, it's disappointing to see them chucking out the characters I love. On the other hand...well, I don't trust Hollywood, and (this is a rare and minority view, I realize) I didn't completely trust Aykroyd and Ramis after GB2. I realize that maybe a "new universe" might be the least objectionable option after all this time.

It's like those shitty Star Trek movies JJ Abrams made. Yeah, I know, they revitalized the franchise, lots of people love them, and they made assloads of money, but I barely made it through ST-XI and couldn't finish ST-XII it was getting so stupid. But here's the important thing: except for Spock, and the Romulan homeworld, nothing in those turkeys affects the "real" Star Trek universe, the one with Picard and Q and Odo and a James T. Kirk who actually had to put in years of hard work to get his Captain's chair instead of having it handed to him straight out of Starfleet Academy.

If NuGB sucks ass, it won't affect the characters I love one single solitary bit.

And if NuGB is awesome...it still won't affect the character I love one single solitary bit.

Now in some less controversial news:

Diamond Select Announces New Toys

From Jay Tigran

First off, if you visited the Diamond Select Toys booth, they had a new Translucent Green Minimate with a rather familiar logo on it

As well as an announcment during their panel

- Select Figures (using movie likenesses!, the reign of Mattycollector may be over)
- Electronic Vehicles! (but will they roll?)
- More Minimates! (that's what I'm excited about!) and banks
- and more!

I don't know about you, but DST has yet to disappoint me, this is exciting!

I'll wait to see some RGB-based stuff before I get too excited, but this is promising.

I doubt Mattel is out of the picture completely, though it would be some sort of sick irony that we find out they are out of it just when another round of rumors is going around.

--Fritz V. Baugh

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