Eduardo Rivera

Commandant of Ghostbusters International's Training Academy ("Fort Arnold")

"Well...I think it's dead..."

Personal Timeline of Eduardo Rivera
November 5. Carlos Rivera is born, the first son of NYPD officer Alberto Rivera and his wife Carlota. Carlos, like Alberto, would become a cop.

July 18. Eduardo Rivera, the second son of Alberto and Carlota, is born.

May 11. Carlos Rivera marries Beth Masters

Kevin Rivera is born. He is Carlos and Beth's son, and thus Eduardo's nephew

Alberto Rivera is murdered

Eduardo graduates high school; he enrolls in New York City Community College, much to Carlos's disgust, as he wanted Eduardo to enter the police academy.

Eduardo enrolls in Parapsychology 101, taught by Professor Egon Spengler. Thus, he and three other students--Kylie Griffin, Roland Jackson, and Garrett Miller--become a new team of Ghostbusters under the supervision of Spengler and Ghostbuster secretary Janine Melnitz. Eduardo and Kylie are attracted to each other, but both deny it vigorously

June. Shortly after the wedding of Egon and Janine Spengler, Eduardo and Kylie become involved.

Eduardo graduates college.
May 21. Conchita Rivera, the first child of Eduardo Rivera and Kylie Griffin, is born.

February 13. Rose Rivera, the second child of Eduardo and Kylie, is born
The man who killed Alberto Rivera is executed.

August 28. Kylie Griffin and Eduardo Rivera are married in a simple ceremony performed by a judge.

Emma Rivera, Eduardo's grandniece born.

Eduardo Rivera retires from active Ghostbusting after a twenty-four year career. He becomes Commandant of Fort Arnold upon Winston Zeddemore's retirement.

Rose Rivera comes out as a lesbian, and begins a relationship with Anna Rodriguez.

Future Fates
Rose Rivera marries Anna Rodriguez
Known Relatives of Eduardo Rivera
Kylie Griffin
Relation: Wife (Married 2006)
Canon: XGB; relation is Fan (EGB Fan)

Conchita Rivera
Relation: Daughter (born 2001)
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Rose Rivera
Relation: Daughter (born 2004)
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Alberto "Albert" Rivera (Deceased)
Relation: Father
Canon: Mostly Fan (EGB Fan); that he is deceased is XGB

Carlota Rivera
Relation: Mother
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Jill Davies Griffin
Relation: Mother-in-law
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Steve Griffin
Relation: Father-in-Law
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Carlos "Carl" Rivera
Relation: Brother
Canon: XGB

Beth Masters Rivera
Relation: Sister-in-law
Canon: XGB; maiden name is Fan (EGB Fan)

Kevin Rivera
Relation: Nephew
Canon: XGB

Emma Rivera (born 2018)
Relation: Grandniece
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Lucia Gaspar Rivera (Deceased)
Relation: Grandmother (mother of Alberto Rivera)
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Adela Gaspar
Relation: Cousin
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Gaspar (Full name unrevealed)(Sixteenth Century)
Relation: Ancestor
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan; based off a character in Mysterious Cities of Gold)

Itzel/"Lucia Gaspar" (Sixteenth Century)
Relation: Ancestor (Married Gaspar 1534)
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan; based off a character in Mysterious Cities of Gold)

Future Relatives
Anna Rodriguez
Relation: Daughter-in-law (Marries Rose in 2027)
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)
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