TJ Anderson

Member of Ghostbusters New York

""I probably would arrest you for reckless driving, but I'm a bit outside my jurisdiction."

Character created by Fritz Baugh

The Personal Timeline of TJ Anderson
Feb. 14. Birth of Tessa Jane Anderson in London, England. Her father is Martin Anderson, a lawyer for the Labour Party.

Death of Tessa Jane Anderson's mother.

Tessa Jane Anderson graduates school. She attends Durham University studying law and forensics. [GBOT]

Tessa Jane Anderson graduates Durham with bachelor degrees in law and forensics. She enlists in London's Metropolitan Police Department ("Scotland Yard").

Tessa Jane Anderson is assigned to the Occult Crimes Unit, under the command of Chief Inspector Rebbecca Gates [GBOT]

June. Yuzuru Fuyuno is murdered. Scotland Yard assigns young Detective Inspector Tessa Jane Anderson to go to America to contact Fuyuno's niece, Tsukiko Marie Lupin.

Founding of the latest know incarnation of Ghostbusters New York; second generation Ghostbusters Dr. Johnathan Christopher Spengler and Hermetic Wizard Eric Stantz are joined by Marie Lupin (daughter of original Ghostbuster ally Barney Lupin) and English policewoman Tessa Jane (T.J.) Anderson. Johnathan's twin sister, Dr. Eden Marie Spengler, becomes a part-time member of the team.

TJ and Johnathan Spengler go on their first date, to a remake of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. She also participates in an ad hoc GBI team sent to Paris after a werewolf is seen in Notre-Dame

Future Fate
The Ghostbusters of 2023 aid the original Ghostbusters of 1986 and the Extreme Ghostbusters of 2003 via time travel
Known Relatives of TJ Anderson
Unnamed Mother (Deceased 2005)
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Martin Nicholas Anderson
Relation: Father
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Unnamed brother
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Unnamed Grandfather, Earl of Lungbarrow
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Sylvester (Last Name Unrevealed)
Relation: Uncle
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

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