Marie Lupin

Member of Ghostbusters New York

"I was sure I'd be the first one propositioned by a ghost."

Character created by OgreBBQ

Personal Timeline of Marie Lupin
June 8. Mariko Fuyuno, a Japan-born student of Stanford researcher Ray Stantz, meets Barney Lupin, a friend of Ray's eventual wife Liz Hawthorne. Lupin is a Garou, a natural werewolf, and is of the Bone Gnawer tribe and Ragabash Auspex. They eventually fall in love.

September 1. Tsukiko Marie Lupin, the daughter of Barney Lupin and Mariko Fuyuno, is born.

The Amot-Naphemus Crisis. Marie Lupin becomes a member of Ghostbusters New York.

Marie is part of an ad hoc GBI team sent to Paris to investigate a werewolf sighting at Notre-Dame

Future Fate:
The Ghostbusters of 2023 aid the original Ghostbusters of 1986 and the Extreme Ghostbusters of 2003 via time travel
Known Relatives of Marie Lupin
Dr. Mariko Fuyuno Lupin
Relation: Mother
Canon: Fan (OgreBBQ)

Barney Lupin (Nightclaw)
Relation: Father
Canon: Fan (Created by OgreBBQ)

Yuzuru Fuyuno (Deceased 2021)
Relation: Uncle
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Yuki Fuyuno (Born after 1974)
Relation: Aunt
Canon: Fan (OgreBBQ)

Unnamed Uncle, Husband of Yuki Fuyuno

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