Lady Enlightenment (Elizabeth Hawthorne Stantz)

Quaesitor of the Order of Hermes

""I am Lady Enlightenment, filia of Lady Persuasion, Follower of Guernicus, Quaesitor Maga of the Order of Hermes."

Character created by OgreBBQ

Personal Timeline of Lady Enlightenment
February 11. Birth of Elizabeth Lucille Hawthorne in Truro, Nova Scotia. She has an older sister named Cheryl, who has a son, Jay, by 1991.

Twelve year old Liz Hawthorne is recruited to Rein-Hagen Academy in England by Tegan Fielding, a cousin of her mother.

Liz graduates Rein-Hagen Academy with high honors. Her benefactor reveals that she is "Lady Persuasion", a maga of the Order of Hermes' House Guernicus, and is a Quaesitor, responsible for policing the Order itself. She reveals that Liz has been watched the entire time at the Academy, and found to posess both The Gift and an affinity for the law--Liz becomes Lady Persuasion's Hermetic apprentice.

Elizabeth Hawthorne takes the Oath of Bonisagus, and is inaugurated into the Order of Hermes as Lady Enlightenment, Filia of Lady Persuasion, Follower of Guernicus.

Lady Enlightenment, Barney Lupin, and Lilly Peacecraft enter into a working relationship with Father Diego Portenza. Portenza is a functionary of the Catholic Church; the group is informally dubbed "The Inquisitors" the next year.

The Inquisitors meet "Sergei Kalashnikov", who manipulates the team into moving against vampire lord Igor Vashnivski. While in Romania, Liz meets Ghostbuster co-founder Ray Stantz.

Lilly is posessed by the essence of the "Avatar of Pisces"; the Inquisitors (minus Father Portenza), the Ghostbusters; House Criamon's Primus, Phineus Eventide; and the mysterious man claiming to be Archmage Zandrik Fallagar, Lady Enlightenment's Thirteenth Century ancestor. After this incident, the Inquisitors disband.

May 28. Liz Hawthorne marries Raymond Francis Stantz

July 26. Birth of Eric Elwood Stantz

Late in the year, the original Ghostbusters are reunited by the efforts of Janine Melnitz. Ray returns to New York in early 1998, and resumes activities with the company. Liz is often absent on Hermetic business.

The Second Gozer Crisis. Eric Stantz first manifests The Gift. Liz and Ray begin to discuss enrolling him at Rein-Hagen Academy.

In the fall, Eric Stantz enters Rein-Hagen Academy. His mother comes on staff as an assistant advisor to keep an eye on him (and finally, after some twenty years, live a relatively stable life)

Professor Egon Spengler and Dr. Raymond Francis Stantz, co-founders of Ghostbusters International, are awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, due to their groundbreaking work in dimensional axis theory.

The Forty First Grand Tribunal of the Order of Hermes. Vincent Belmont, Lady Enlightenment, and Eric Hawthorne (Eric Stantz) all attend; Eric defeats a Tytalus magus who badmouths GBI in a Certamen match.

Future Fate
Ray is still alive in the year 2023, as seen in "Future Shocks", and he and Liz are still together. Eric is a Hermetic Wizard, and a member of the Ghostbusters
Known Relatives of Lady Enlightenment
Dr. Ray Stantz
Relation: Husband (Married 1995)
Canon: Core character; their relationship is Fan (Fritz Baugh, et al)

Eric Stantz
Relation: Son (born 1996)
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Patricia Fielding Hawthorne
Relation: Mother
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh, Jay Tigran)

Max Hawthorne
Relation: Father
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Cheryl Hawthorne Brushett
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh, Jay Tigran)

Joe Brushett
Relation: Brother-In-Law
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Major Carl Stantz, USAF
Relation: Brother-In-Law
Canon: GB1 novelization.

Danielle Stantz (Maiden name unrevealed)
Relation: Sister In Law (wife of Carl Stantz)
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Jean Stantz
Relation: Sister-In-Law
Canon: GB1 novelization. By 1983 she has married and divorced, and has a daughter--her married name is unrevealed.

Amanda (last name unrevealed)
Relation: Niece by marriage (daughter of Jean Stantz)
Canon: GB1 novelization; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Justin "Jay" Brushett (Born 1984)
Relation: Nephew (Son of Cheryl Hawthorne. Born 1984)
Canon: Fan (Jay Tigran, Fritz Baugh)

Daniel Stantz
Relation: Nephew (By marriage; born some time between late 1981-1983)
Canon: GB1 novelization. Name is fan.

Franklin Stantz
Relation: Nephew (By marriage; born late 1979)
Canon: GB1 novelization. Name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Matt Fielding
Relation: Grandfather
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Tegan Fielding
Relation: First Cousin Once Removed (Cousin of Mother)
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Lady Romana (Presumed Deceased)
Relation: Great Grandmother
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Melwen Fallagar (Deceased)
Relation: Ancestor
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

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