Janine Melnitz Spengler

Client Administration Executive, Ghostbusters International

"You harm one hair on my daughter's head, you sorry excuse for a scientist, and I'll hunt you down to the far corners of the Earth..."

Personal Timeline of Janine Melnitz Spengler
Birth of Doris Melnitz, the first child of Fritz and Denise Melnitz

October 28 Janine Melnitz is born in Brooklyn, New York

Janine attends the Worlds Fair in Flushing Meadows.

Graduates high school; her sister Doris marries Joshua Irwin

Victor Irwin, Janine's nephew, is born.

June. Hired by Ghostbusters Inc. Meets Egon Spengler

First approached by makeoverus lostsabucks, who begins to change her slowly to make her "perfect"
Canon Note: Admittedly, I tend to downplay this in one sense: I write her the same spunky self no matter when I set the story. If not for the strength of the JMS episode "Janine You've Changed", I'd consider all of the changes 100% apocryphal

Ghostbusters Inc. is shut down. When Egon is rehired by Columbia University, Janine quickly arranges to be hired as his secretary.

Ghostbusters Inc. re-activates late in the year, and Janine is rehired. She begins a brief fling with Louis Tully

Janine ends her dalliance with Louis. By Halloween, she's resumed pursuing Egon

Egon declares his love for her, and helps free her from the lotsabucks. They begin dating more seriously.

Late 1991
Janine and Egon break up. Ghostbusters Inc. is dissolved once more, at Egon's instigation, leading to a major rift with the other Ghostbusters as well..

By Winston's wedding in December 1991, Janine begins a rebound romance with Louis Tully.

June 6. Janine marries Louis Tully, but within months realizes it's a mistake. Still, her stubborn nature compels her to give him chance after chance over the next couple years. By 1996, they are living separately and she files for divorce.

Over the next few years, she works in various jobs including child care and the New York DMV. She befriends Rose Prevost.

Janine Melnitz's divorce from Louis Tully becomes official. She swallows her pride to go find Egon Spengler again, and ends up arriving just in time to be present at the creation of the "Extreme" Ghostbusters. She also moves hell and high water to repair the relationships between the four original Ghostbusters.

In December, Egon and Janine finally become engaged.

At long last, after fifteen years of confusion, denial, and reversals, the wedding of Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz occurs.

June 13 Birth of Eden Marie and Johnathan Christopher Spengler.

September 11. Egon is at the World Trade Center during the attacks. After several nerve wracking days, he's discovered alive.

Janine recommends Rose Prevost to become a Client Administrator for the Ghostbusters' Los Angeles operation.

Professor Egon Spengler and Dr. Raymond Francis Stantz, co-founders of Ghostbusters International, are awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics, due to their groundbreaking work in dimensional axis theory.

The Amot-Naphemus Crisis. Egon's children becomes members of Ghostbusters New York.

Future Fate
Egon and Janine live essentially "happily ever after", and are still alive and together until at least 2023. Her children both work for Ghostbusters International.
Known Relatives of Janine Melnitz (Spengler)
Professor Egon Spengler
Relation: Husband (married 1998)
Canon: Egon is a Core character, though their marriage is Fan.

Dr. Eden Marie Spengler
Relation: Daughter (born 1999)
Canon: Fan--created by Fritz Baugh

Dr. Johnathan Christopher Spengler
Relation: Son (born 1999)
Canon: Fan--created by Fritz Baugh

"Romulus" (full name unrevealed)
Relation: Descendant (24th Century)
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Fritz Melnitz
Relation: Father
Canon: Seen in RGB; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Denise Brandenburg Melnitz
Relation: Mother
Canon: Seen in RGB; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Katharine Melton Spengler (Deceased 2017)
Relation: Mother in Law
Canon: Character is RGB; name and relation is Fan (Sheila Paulson and Fritz Baugh)

Doris Melnitz Irwin
Relation: Sister
Canon: Seen in RGB; first name is EGB

Joshua Irwin
Relation: Brother In Law
Canon: Seen in RGB; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Dr. Ellis Spengler
Relation: Brother-in-law
Canon: Fan (Jen Spengler and Fritz Baugh)

Victor Irwin
Relation: Nephew
Canon: RGB; last name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Jennifer "Jen" Spengler
Relation: Niece (by marriage)
Canon: Fan (Jen Spengler)

Unnamed children of Victor Irwin
Relation: Great Nephews/Nieces
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Grandmother (name unrevealed)
Canon: Seen in RGB

Bella (last name undefined)
Relation: Aunt
Canon: Mentioned in RGB

Johnathan Brandenburg (deceased)
Relation: Uncle
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

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