Garrett Miller

Physical Therapist; Ghostbusters International Reservist

"Brooklyn Heights is in the house!!!"

Personal Timeline of Garrett Miller
January 3. Birth of Garrett Miller. Due to a congenital birth defect, he is born with both legs completely paralyzed.

Garrett graduates high school; he enrolls in New York City Community College.

Garrett enrolls in Parapsychology 101, taught by Professor Egon Spengler. Thus, he and three other students--Eduardo Rivera, Kylie Griffin, and Roland Jackson--become a new team of Ghostbusters under the supervision of Spengler and Ghostbuster secretary Janine Melnitz

Garrett graduates college.

Garrett meets Joanna "Jo" Kendall when she's recovering from a rock climbing accident, and the two begin dating in May 2004.

July 10. Max Sanford is born in New York City. His parents are drug addicts, and sometimes use him to "hide" their illegal substances.

June. Garrett and Jo are married

July. Max Sanford is taken from his home by Social Services; Peter Venkman suggests Garrett and Jo to take care of him, and they decide to adopt him. He is given the new name Maxwell Nicholas Miller

Garrett Miller retires from active Ghostbusting after a twenty-four year career. He officially becomes a Reservist, concentrating on his career as a physical therapist

Future Fates
Not much has been revealed about Garrett Miller's fate after 2021.
Known Relatives of Garrett Miller
Joanna "Jo" Kendall Miller
Relation: Wife
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Maxwell (Max) Nicholas Miller
Born Max Sanford
Relation: Adopted Son
Canon: Fan (EGB Fan)

Howard Miller
Relation: Father
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Susan Miller
Relation: Mother
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Robert Kendall
Relation: Father In Law
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Sarah Kendall
Relation: Mother In Law
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Alex Kendall
Relation: Brother In Law
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

Scott Kendall
Relation: Brother In Law
Canon: Fan (EGBFan)

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