Dr. Eden Marie Spengler

Reserve member of Ghostbusters New York

"Even if there is an explosion--which I doubt--I shouldn't think it'll be enough to do any real harm."

Character created by Fritz Baugh

The Personal Timeline of Dr. Eden Marie Spengler
Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Ray Stantz, and Dr. Egon Spengler are fired from Columbia, and form Ghostbusters Inc. Janine Melnitz is hired as the Ghostbusters' secretary. She begins pursuing Spengler, but he finds it annoying at first.

The Ghostbusters encounter their counterparts from the year 2023; Eden Spengler and her brother Johnathan Christopher are among the "future" Ghostbusters.

The appearance of the disease spirit Achira forces Egon to recruit his four latest students to become a new team of Ghostbusters (the so-called "Extreme" Ghostbusters). Simultaneously, Janine Melnitz reenters his life, and she later helps restore his severed relationships with Venkman, Ray, and Winston

In December, Egon finally proposes to Janine, and the two are engaged.

At long last, after fifteen years of confusion, denial, and reversals, the wedding of Egon Spengler and Janine Melnitz occurs.

June 13 Birth of Eden Marie and Johnathan Christopher Spengler.

The present-day Ghostbusters are once again aided by the 2023 version of John, Eden, and the other Ghostbusters.

Johnathan Christopher and Eden Marie Spengler graduate from high school just before their thirteenth birthdays. They both go on to college, John studying engineering and Eden specializing in linguistics and computer programming; both, unsurprisingly, also study heavily in physics.

Eden is briefly kidnapped by the spirit of Queen Boudicca.

Eden and Johnathan Spengler finish their postgraduate work, each having earned PhDs in their respective fields. They become the primary researchers at the Spengler Institute, a joint venture between GBI, Spengler Labs, and Columbia University located, ironically enough, in the former Weaver Hall.

The Amot-Naphemus Crisis. Eden becomes a reserve member of Ghostbusters New York

Future Fate
In 2023, she journeys back to 1986 then 2003 to aid her father's team.

In 2024, Eden meets pediatric oncologist Edward Sanders. Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering her family history, Eden is confused by the feelings he creates in her.

On June 13, 2024, she and her brother are once again pulled into the past to deal with the schemes of Josiah Nodus; they deal with the disturbing claim that Johnathan is "Lord Gemini", a figure of Atlantean prophesy. The truth of this claim remains elusive.

Known Relatives of Eden Marie Spengler
Dr. Johnathan Christopher Spengler
Relation: Fraternal Twin Brother
Canon: Fan (created by Fritz Baugh)

"Romulus" (full name unrevealed)
Relation: Descendant of brother? (24th Century)
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Professor Egon Spengler
Relation: Father
Canon: Core character; relation is Fan

Janine Melnitz Spengler
Relation: Mother
Canon: Core character; Relation is Fan

Denise Brandenburg Melnitz
Relation: Grandmother
Canon: Seen in RGB; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Fritz Melnitz
Relation: Grandfather
Canon: Seen in RGB; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Dr. Edison Spengler (deceased)
Relation: Grandfather
Canon: Fan (name by Fritz Baugh)

Katharine Melton Spengler (Deceased 2017)
Relation: Grandmother
Canon: RGB. Name from Sheila Paulson and Fritz Baugh

Doris Melnitz Irwin
Relation: Aunt
Canon: Seen in RGB; first name is from EGB

Dr. Ellis Spengler
Relation: Uncle
Canon: Fan (Jen Spengler and Fritz Baugh)

Joshua Irwin
Relation: Uncle (by marriage)
Canon: Seen in RGB; name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Victor Irwin
Relation: Cousin
Canon: RGB; last name is Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Jennifer "Jen" Spengler
Relation: Cousin
Canon: Fan (Jen Spengler)

Unnamed children of Victor Irwin
Relation: Cousins once removed
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Dr. Frederick Melton (deceased)
Relation: Great Grandfather
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Johnathan Brandenburg (deceased)
Relation: Great Uncle (Denise Melnitz's brother)
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Dr. Cyrus Spengler
Relation: Great Uncle
Canon: RGB

Christopher Melton (deceased)
Relation: Great Great Grandfather
Canon: Fan (Fritz Baugh)

Zedikiah Spengler (deceased)
Relation: Ancestor (18th century)
Canon: RGB

Eli Spengler (deceased)
Relation: Ancestor (17th century)
Canon: RGB

Ezekiel Spengler (deceased)
Relation: Ancestor (17th century)
Canon: Fan (name by Matthew Riddle)

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