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 Post subject: Normal Day Part 4
PostPosted: February 18th, 2017, 10:46 pm 
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One rainy day at the firehouse the guys were having a break and talking about what are they going to do for the weekend. Peter told Ray that he was going to take Babs to the local strip club and knew some of the ladies there too. All the guys rolled their eyes in response and Egon replied "Peter, why do you go to those places? It's not good for you."

Peter bragged "Because that's where all the ladies are, and Babs sometimes strips too."

Ray just shook his head at him. "Okay if you say so. But Elaine doesn't want me to go to them and I don't want my kids to go there either."

"Yeah, Man. I'm staying out of there too." Winston replied as he sat down eating some chicken he had from yesterday.

After a while Ray stood up to go home and the guys said good night to him and Slimer came down to give him a slimy hug and a kiss. "Good Night Slimer!" Ray smiled as he got into his car and drove home.

A half hour later he pulled up into the driveway; He ran into his house and called "Hey everyone I'm home!" Elaine gave him a hug and a kiss while CJ and Jules were waiting for their turn.

"How was your day at work?" She asked.

Ray grinned "It went by super fast and I'm glad that was able to get home."

"Hi Dad!" CJ and Jules greeted as they watched Ray taking off his shoes.

Ray grinned again. "Hey kids how are you doing?"

"We're good and guess what? Fluffy won first place in the cat show I entered her today." Jules smiled, "She's got a year supply of Kitty Bits Cat food. I'm proud of her and so is CJ and Mom."

Ray exclaimed "Wow that is very good! Did you give Fluffy a treat as well?"

Jules nodded her head. "Yes. I've given her a treat as well too."

CJ was sitting down at the living room table started to ring the bell loudly until Ray reprimanded him "Carlton James stop ringing that bell."

CJ stopped ringing it for the moment "Sorry Dad. I couldn't help ringing it and I'm going with Ronnie and Jason to a wrestling match tonight at 7:30. Is that okay?" He inquired.

Ray was thinking for a moment and he replied "OK, CJ you can go and be careful don't lose your money and have fun."

"Thanks Dad." CJ smiled and went upstairs to his room to call his friends. Meanwhile, Elaine was getting dinner ready; Jules decided to help her with it. Later dinner was eaten; Jules went upstairs to call her friends; then she was playing with the cats and CJ left the house.

Elaine and Ray were watching TV Elaine leaned against Ray's shoulder "Wasn't it a great dinner?" She asked.

Ray replied "Yes and you and Jules did a great job on it. I also like the Apple Pie too. Next time I should invite Aunt Lois over here for dinner." He then started to stroke her hair softly.

Elaine smiled and gave him a kiss that made him twitch his mustache. Another day was over.

The End

I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next Time!- Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget ending credits

We never would've lost if you koopaling clowns had tried to wake me up! Whose idea was this midnight attack?!- King Koopa, True Colors

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