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 Post subject: Daddy's Girl Fic
PostPosted: August 24th, 2007, 11:38 pm 
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Title: Daddy's Girl
Author: Shafarah White
Disclaimer: I don't own the Real Ghostbusters and Carlton and Julianna Stantz are my characters.
Copyright: 2005-2007
Rating: G
Beta Reader: Susie Owens

Two years later, the twins are in the 3rd grade and at school playing kickball with their friends. It was Jules' turn and she got up to kick, but she missed.

A brown-haired chubby boy named Larry and his friends; Tommy and Greg started to laugh. "Ha Ha, Jules can't even kick the ball. Who taught you how to play? Your mother?"

Jules looked very upset, "I can too. Why don't you stop bothering me!" she snapped.

Larry and his gang started to tease her again that caused tears to form in Jules' eyes. Then CJ started yelling, "Hey! That's my sister you're talking about, so leave her alone!"

The gang started laughing again. "Why should I? And your sister is the ugliest girl that I ever seen." Larry sneered.

CJ looked very angry and he went over to Jules and put his arm around her saying, "It's going to be okay Jules, let's ignore these bozos and go somewhere else."

Jules smiled through her tears, "Thanks, CJ."

CJ smiled back, "Anytime, Jules."

"Hey Jules, your brother won't be around all the time. So you better watch it! You'll never know when I might strike."

"I'll get you."

"Yeah, come on then!"

Larry just walked away, he was scared of CJ.

Later as the kids got off the bus, Elaine was waiting for them, "Hi, kids!" she said smiling, "How was school, today?"

Then noticing the look on Jules' face, Elaine asked, "Jules sweetie, did something happen at school that I need to know about?"

Jules started to tell her what happened, but she broke down in tears again and CJ finished for her. After he told the rest of the story to Elaine, She looked very upset. She gave Jules a hug and said, "Don't worry Jules, your dad and I are going to look into this situation."

Later at dinner, the family was eating Elaine had just told Ray what had happened with Jules. He was also just as upset as Elaine.

"I think we might to have to go up to the school and talk to the principal about this. I don't know why this kid is picking on our daughter." Ray said, "But I'm going to find out."

Later after dinner, the kids were in the bed. Ray and Elaine were in the living room talking. "Ray honey, I think we need to go up to the school tomorrow. I don't want Jules suffering anymore." Elaine said sadly, "I don't want my daughter getting bullied more and keep coming home crying."

Ray nodded in agreement, "I know, sweetie. I know how you feel. She's also my baby. So if that's we're going to do to get that kid to stop bothering Jules. Then by golly, we will. I promise that we will put a stop to this." he replied.

They both hugged each other. "We're going up there tomorrow." Ray said.

The next day at school, Jules and CJ were trying to pay attention in class doing addition problems when Larry started to tease Jules again.

"Hey girl, you're so ugly and nerdy." Larry teased as he threw a spitball at Jules who was trying to do her work. The spitball had hit her on the back of her head and she started to cry again.

"Hey!" CJ yelled. "Why don't you stop picking on my sister? You made her cry again!"

"Why?" Larry asked, "Your sister is a nerd and a loser." He started to head towards CJ; but the teacher, Ms. Davis stopped him.

"Laurence Tyler, go the principal's office, right now!" she yelled.

"Yeah right, whatever." Larry grumbled without moving.

"You heard me, young man. Now you march to the principal's office, now!"

Larry got up and left. Then the teacher comforted Jules and gave her a hall pass to go down to the office to talk to the principal about what happened.

Jules got up from her seat, CJ asked, "Are you going to be alright? Do you need me to go down with you?"

Jules shook her head, "No, I'm fine. Mom and Daddy said that they were coming to the school." With that she left.

In the office, Jules was telling Mr. Weiss what had happened, Ray and Elaine walked in.

"Ah, you must be Julianna's parents." Mr. Weiss said. Ray and Elaine nodded.

"We came because it seems that one of the students I believe his name is Larry. He has been bothering our daughter for no reason and I want to know why!" Ray demanded angrily.

Elaine held his hand to calm him down. "Easy, Ray. We want to be clear headed."

Ray nodded, "Sorry, Elaine. But when it comes to our daughter, I can't help it."

Mr. Weiss cleared his throat before he said anything. "Well, I think he's a bit of a troublemaker. You know the kind?"

"Yes, I do. They are cowards." Ray replied.

"Yes. Well let me ask something, Jules."

"Yes, sir?"

"How long has this been going on?"

Jules said, "This had been going on for a while I tried to ignore him, but he has kept on bothering me."

"I see. Why don't you wait outside? I want to talk to your parents."

Jules went outside the principal's office to wait.

Ray and Elaine told the principal about Larry harassing Jules.

Mr. Weiss understood their concern and replied, "I will have Larry suspended for ten days since this is considered harassment. An action that will not be tolerated here at the school. I will also have him moved to another classroom so he will not bother Julianna ever again."

Ray and Elaine stood up. Ray reached over and shook Mr. Weiss's hand, "Thank you Mr. Weiss, and I hope that this will never happen again." Ray said.

"I will see that it doesn't."

Ray and Elaine left the office. Ray took Jules' hand, "Do you want to go home with us or stay here?"

"I want to stay here, Dad."

"Okay, but if you need anything.."

"I know, Dad."

As they were leaving, they saw Larry sitting down in the office area glaring at them. Elaine turned around and looked at him, "You leave our daughter alone, do you understand?"

Larry just glared at them; but said nothing. He went inside the principal's office to find out his fate. Ray and Elaine took Jules back to class.

"Now Jules are you going to okay?" Ray asked as they were at the classroom door.

Jules nodded and replied, "Yes, Dad. I'm going to be just fine. CJ would look out for me."

Elaine smiled and kissed her daughter, "You be careful now. If you have any more problems, just tell the principal."

"I will." said Jules.

Her parents smiled.

"We'll see you later, sweetheart." Ray called as they left the building.

After that incident, Larry never bothered her again. He only says hello once in a while and Jules was happy again.

It was two years later, after the incident with Larry. CJ and Jules were now in the fifth grade. Today was Valentine's Day and it mostly excited Jules. She couldn't wait to get to school. Jules gave her parents hugs and kisses and CJ hugged his mother and held out his hand so he could shake hands with his father. He felt that he was too old to be kissing his father. Ray smiled and accepted CJ's hand. CJ felt so proud. Then they headed to the bus. Elaine and Ray took their daughter aside to talk to her.

"Now sweetheart, are you going to be all right?" Elaine asked in concern.

Jules nodded. She wished that her parents would ease up a little. No one was bothering her since Larry. Not with CJ around. But she stood there and listened to them.

"Remember Jules, if you have anymore problems you talk to the principal. We don't want the same thing that happened to you again." Ray said.

Jules replied, "Yes, Daddy. I'm sure that I won't have any more problems. Not with CJ around to protect me."

"Alright then, sweetie. I hope you have a good day in school." Elaine said, as she and Ray hugged their daughter again as she ran to get on the bus.

Jules sat down next to her brother. He looked at her and said, "Are you going to be okay, sis?"

Jules nodded, "Of course I am. I wish everyone would stop asking me that. The incident with Larry was two years ago. I'm not a baby."

CJ looked surprised. "Sorry, Jules. I just can't help it."

"I know, CJ. Hey, today's the Valentine's Day Party and I hope that I get a lot of valentines from the boys in my class." Jules replied.

CJ smiled at his sister, "Okay. I just want you to be careful and you know how Dad feels after you were harassed by Larry two years back."

Later that day

"So how's the family doing, Ray?" Peter asked. The guys had just returned from a bust and were taking a break.

"They all doing fine. But, I'm a little worried about Jules, though." Ray said.

"What's the matter with Jules?" Winston asked, "Are you worried that she's going to be bullied again?"

Ray nodded, "Yes. Ever since she was bullied by that boy, Larry, two years ago,” he replied with a little anger to his voice as he remembered that day. "Elaine and I are being protective of her. I don't want my princess getting hurt again."

Egon looked up from his book that he was reading and said, "I'm sure that Carlton would look after Julianna at school. He's her brother."

Ray smiled. "He does and CJ's is very protective of his sister."

After school was out, CJ and Jules got on the bus to go home. The party had been nice; CJ and Jules received lots of valentines and sweets. CJ looked over at his sister0, "Hey Jules, wasn't the party great? I received lots of valentine cards from most of the girls in the class; I even got one from Laura Sanders. I only like her as a friend, however." CJ said before Jules can tease him.

"What about you, Jules?"

Jules answered, "Well, I received a lot of valentine cards from most of the boys in the class, I even received a special valentine's card from Charles Lawrence." She blushed for a moment, and then she continued, "He gave me a card that said I was a very nice person and a red rose with it, too. He told me that he likes me as a friend." She grinned.

"Really?" CJ asked. "I just want you to be careful and you know how Dad's going to feel about this, but I'm glad that you have a guy friend."

"I know." Jules replied. "Daddy should know I'm careful and Charles won't do anything to hurt me."

"Ok Jules, he just wants you to be careful." CJ said.

Later, the kids got off the bus and ran up to their house and went inside. Elaine and Ray, who was home early, because there were no more calls that day were waiting for them. "Hi kids!" Ray said smiling at them, "How was school today?"

"It was great and we both passed the history test,” said CJ. "I have gotten a B+ and Jules received an A- the highest score in the class. And the Valentine's Day party was excellent and I have some valentine cards from some of the girls in the class including one from Laura Sanders."

"Well, that's pretty good, CJ." Elaine replied, then she turned to her daughter, "How about you, Jules?" she asked.

Jules answered, "My day was also excellent, and the party was nice and I did received a lot of valentines from the boys in the class." Jules suddenly blushed again, "Then I got a special valentine card from Charles Lawrence. The card said that I'm very nice and wants to be my friend. He also gave me a red rose."

Elaine smiled at her daughter, "So you finally have a guy friend? And a red rose, too?"

Jules smiled back, "Yes I do, Mom. He's very nice and sweet."

Ray who was overhearing the conversation said, "What? So Jules, I hope that this Charles won't bother you. If he does, I'm going to talk to his parents."

Jules replied, "Daddy, I'm not a little baby. And besides, he's a nice guy who just wants to be friends with me. Why are you overreacting? Why must you always control me?"

Ray looked stunned; he didn't know what to say at the moment.

Elaine hugged her daughter, "Your Dad is not overreacting. You know he loves and cares for you very much and he only wants the best for you." she reassured.

Jules only nodded. CJ also said, "Don't worry Jules, Dad's being protective. He's not controlling you."

Jules said, "Thanks Mom, CJ. I'm going to be in my room." Then she headed upstairs to her room with tears in her eyes.

The family heard her door slam shut. Elaine looked at Ray saying, "Ray, I think you need to talk to your daughter. If you don't stop being so overprotective you're going to lose her."

Ray sighed, "I know, I'm just doing what's best for Jules. I really don't want her getting hurt again. She's my baby girl and I love her."

Elaine nodded in agreement and replied; "I know dear, she's also my baby girl, too. But I want you go talk to her and make it real clear to Jules."

Ray nodded, "Okay, I'll go talk to her." he said as he headed upstairs to Jules' room.

Jules was laying on her bed crying, 'How can Daddy treat me like this?' She thought to herself, 'Why doesn't he trust me?'

Then there was a knock on her door.

Jules looked up, "Who is it?"

"It's me, sweetie. Can I come in?"

"I guess." Jules said, sadly.

Ray opened the door and walked in, "Hi Jules, may I talk to you?"

Jules nodded her head, "If you want to."

Ray walked over and sat down next to her. "Listen princess, I just want to say I'm sorry that you feel I was controlling you and being overprotective. I just don't want to see you getting hurt again. I'm glad that you have a nice guy friend to talk to and do things together. Do you forgive me?" Ray asked.

Jules looked at him with tears in her eyes, "Yes, I do, Daddy. But you have to remember that I'm growing up and not a little baby anymore, I'm very careful." She gave him a smile.

Ray smiled back and wiped her tears. "I know, pumpkin. And I want you to remember that I love and care for you very much." he said as he hugged and kissed his daughter. "By the way, your Mom sent me up here to tell you that dinner's ready and we're having your favorite, Spaghetti and Meatballs." he said grinning.

Jules also grinned, "That's sounds great and I hope one day Charles can come over, so you can meet him."

Ray laughed, "Sure, I would like to meet him. Come on honey, I think your Mom is waiting for us." he said taking Jules' hand. Before they went downstairs, Jules smiled at Ray, "I love you, Daddy,” She then gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ray smiled while he hugged Jules again, "I love you too, sweetheart. You'll always be my little girl,” he replied.

Just then, Elaine came upstairs and was standing by the doorway of Jules' room. "Is everything okay?" she asked in concern. Ray and Jules both smiled at each other, assuring her that everything's all right. Jules replied, "Yes it is." Elaine smiled at the both of them, "Good, I'm glad. Come on, it's time to eat." she said, as they all headed downstairs where CJ was waiting for them at the dinner table.

A few days later, Jules had brought Charles over to the house so he could meet everybody. "Hey Mom, Daddy this is my friend, Charles." Jules said smiling.

Charles was a thin, average height boy with a round face. He wore wire- rimmed round glasses. His hair was the color of red-orange and he had it combed to one side. He was wearing a black shirt that has the Boston Red Sox logo on it and a pair of blue jeans. On his feet, he was wearing a pair of Nikes. Behind his glasses, he has big blue eyes.

Ray shook Charles' hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you. Do you have a nickname that you go by?"

Charles nodded and smiled, "Sure, Dr. Stantz. Usually everyone calls me Charlie or Chuck, whatever you prefer. I heard a lot of good things about you."

Ray smiled, "Well thanks, Charlie. And I'm sure that you're a great friend to my daughter. So what are your favorite hobbies?"

Charlie replied, "Well, I like to play Super Mario on my Game cube and Snes. Those are the systems that I own. I also like to study, read comic books, and draw."

"Wow, that sounds really nice. What did you draw?"

"I like to draw characters. I'm really good at drawing the Mario Brothers."

"I see." Elaine said, as she finished with dinner. "Would you like to stay for dinner, Charlie?"

"Sure, Mrs. Stantz. I would love, too." Charlie replied.

During dinner, everyone was enjoying themselves and no one embarrassed Jules. She was very happy.

After dinner, Jules and Charlie were in the living room talking, "Wow! You have a nice family, Jules and your dad is one pretty nice guy. It's neat that he's a Ghostbuster." Charlie said, grinning. "Your Mom and CJ are very neat people, especially CJ, He's protective and supportive of you. And you two do look alike." He added.

Jules grinned back, "Really? Because I think we do favor each other a little bit. I'm glad that my family likes you. Daddy really enjoyed talking to you. I'm glad that you're my friend."

Ray and Elaine were watching near by, "It's so good to see Jules so happy. Do you agree, honey?" she asked happily.

Ray nodded and smiled, "Yeah. After I talked to her, I realized that she's growing up. I'm not going to be too controlling and overprotective any more. I'm still going to be there for her." he replied.

Elaine smiled back, "I'm really glad that will help, Ray." Then she went into Ray's arms and they held on to each other, sharing a loving kiss, leaving the kids alone.

The End

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