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 Post subject: A Night Out
PostPosted: August 24th, 2007, 9:58 pm 
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Title: A Night Out
Author: Shafarah White
Beta: Susie Owens
Disclaimer: I do not own the Real Ghostbusters or Elaine Furman. I only own Julianna and Carlton Stantz.
Rating: Pg-13

It was a nice day and the guys just came back from a call. When they entered, Slimer greeted them.

"Eww gross, Slimer!" Peter yelled as Slimer slimed him good. Peter growled and chased him around the room.

Winston shook his head at the sight of them, "Do you think they will ever learn how to get along?" he asked, while grinning at Ray.

Ray only shrugged, "Who knows. But Peter does show his soft spot for Slimer every once in a while." He said smiling behind his mustache, Ray also recently grew his hair out a bit that some what resembles Ringo Starr of the Beatles. He also told those who didn't like his new look that he wasn't going to cut his hair or mustache at all. He was still the same after all those years of ghost busting. But Peter still told him that he looked like Mario from his game boy and started teasing Ray by calling him Mario.

Egon had gone downstairs to flush out the traps. Then he went to check on one of his mold experiments.

Janine was at her desk taking a break, filing her nails and chewing on some bubble gum while Peter was teasing her.

Finally Janine had enough, "Would you go away Dr. Venkman! I'm trying to do some more work!"

"You are? All I see you filing your nails, not paper and chewing gum. That's not work, Janine. And I'm not paying you to do that." Peter replied.

"You hardly pay me at all!" The short red-haired secretary complained.

"Come on, Janine, you know I was just teasing you." Peter said.

Janine shook her head and went back to filing her nails.

Everyone was relaxing and talking to each other. Since there were no more calls for the rest of the day.

After a while, Ray stood up to get ready to go home, "Hey, I'm going home now because I promised Elaine that I'll take her out to dinner tonight. See you all later,” he said as he headed out the door.

The guys and Janine all told Ray good night, while Slimer was watching Ray depart.

"Goodnight, Ray." he said, while giving him a slimy hug.

Ray smiled, "See you later, Slimer." Then he got into his car and pulled off.

After Ray pulled up in his driveway and got out of his car, he went inside and saw his son and daughter watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on the DVD player with Fluffy sitting next to them cleaning herself. Ray smiled at his kids as they were watching the movie and he sat down next to them and reached over to pet Fluffy.

"Hey kids, how was your day? And where's your Mom?" he asked, while smiling at them.

CJ looked over at him and replied, "Our day went well. Mom took us to the art museum, which was great. Then after that, we went to the comic book store. We brought ourselves some Captain Steel comics."

"Really?" Ray asked, still smiling.

Jules nodded, "Yes we did, Daddy. We collected six of them so far. So we're building up our collection very well. We may even catch up with you."

"That's awesome!" Ray replied, "You guys should show me sometime. So where's your Mom?"

"She's upstairs getting ready and she's waiting for you." CJ answered.

Ray thanked his kids and headed upstairs to find Elaine. She was in their room getting ready for the night out.

Ray walked in slowly and went behind her putting his hands on her waist and started kissing her on the back of her neck.

Elaine started giggling when she felt Ray kissing her neck, then she turned around.

"Hi sweetie, how was your day?" she asked smiling at her husband, giving him a kiss in return.

Ray replied, "It was great. We only had like two calls those were very easy and we just chatted for the rest of the day. What about yours, sweetheart?"

Elaine said, "Well, I had the day off. So the kids and I went to the art museum and we stayed there for a while, we had a blast. After that, we went to Wendy's for lunch and went to Mike's Comic Book shop. And then we came home."

"Hmm, that was the kids told me. Nothing new, huh? Well, maybe I'll just go back to the firehouse." Ray smiled and winked at her and she knew he was teasing her.

"Oh, you." she said with a smile on her own and then she looked at the clock, "Ray honey, it's almost seven-thirty so you better get in the shower. We don't want to be late."

Ray nodded and then he headed in the shower.

As he went in, he called back, "I love you."

"I love you, too."

"I need you to scrub my back."

Elaine laughed, "I'll be in later."



"I'll hold you to that."


"Yes, dear?"

"Take your shower."

"Yes, dear."

A while later, Ray and Elaine finished getting dressed to go out. Elaine was wearing a dark blue dress with no sleeves and it came down to her knees. Her hair was done up in a ponytail and she was wearing some eye shadow and on her lips, she was wearing some cherry red lipstick that lasts all day. Ray was decked out in a nice dress shirt with some black slacks.

"Are you ready, darling?" Elaine asked, as she linked her arm into her husband.

"Yes I am, my lady. I'm taking you to the Touch of Romance restaurant. They have good food and they have dancing as well. So we better leave now!" Ray said romantically, as he carried his wife down the stairs while Elaine started giggling.

CJ looked at Jules, "Does Mom ever walk? Sheesh! They have been married for how long?"

Jules shook her head, "Boys. Come on CJ, they're still in love. I hope when I get married, me and my husband will still be in love like that."

Then after they gave the kids instructions for the evening, Ray gave them the number on where they're going to be; the number to the firehouse; and their cell phone numbers.

CJ and Jules both hugged their parents saying that they would be fine and have a good time. Ray and Elaine smiled at them and told them to be careful and they'll be back at 11:30.

At the restaurant, Ray and Elaine were enjoying themselves. It had been a wonderful evening for the both of them; Elaine had ordered a pot roast meal with all the trimmings with a salad and a roll, while Ray had a steak dinner. And for dessert, they both had a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream in top. Then after they had eaten; they had some champagne while waiting for the music to start. They were chatting for the moment. Ray was telling Elaine about the time Egon and Slimer had switched bodies for the day and what happened afterward, Elaine was laughing.

"So Egon was embarrassed after that?" Elaine asked.

Ray nodded while smiling, "He was for the moment, and then he tricked us. To say for the least, we avoided him for the next two days. And we never mentioned it again."

They both started laughing about it again, until the DJ had announced it was time for the dance. Most of the crowd got up immediately including Ray and Elaine. They danced a lot to the good songs. Then they started slow dancing. Elaine put her arms around Ray's neck while Ray put his hands on her backside as he moved her slowly to "Your Secret Love" by Luther Vandross. As they were dancing, Elaine whispered softly, "This is so romantic. It's one of my favorite classic songs. You're so wonderful to me, Raymond. I love you." She looked into his brown eyes and gave him a deep kiss.

Ray was blushing and grinning as he nodded in agreement as they danced slowly across the floor, "Yeah it is, baby." he replied, as he also looked into Elaine's beautiful hazel eyes as they continued dancing.

Then the music ended and Ray said, "I'm going to check on the kids to see how they are doing."

She nodded, as he went out in the waiting area to use his cell phone. A while later, Ray came back and Elaine was waiting for him, "How's CJ and Jules?" she asked.

Ray replied, " Jules said that they were finishing up the kitchen after they ate and locked the door like we told them. Then CJ said they are reading their comics and playing with Fluffy. They are doing well and I told them to be careful and don't let anyone in and we might be home late." he smiled. "Do you want to dance some more, Baby Doll?" he asked his wife.

"Yes. I would love, too." Elaine replied, as she came closer to Ray and he placed his hands back on her backside while she put her arms around his neck again and they were back on the floor dancing to the song, "Lady in my Life" by Michael Jackson.

They were having a very wonderful evening; Elaine was also having a very lovely time as Ray was holding her. She smiled lovingly at him, "This is so romantic. The food was awesome, the waiters were friendly and dancing included. Thank you, sweetheart." she said, as she kissed her husband again.

Ray smiled while he had some lipstick on his lips, "You're welcome." he replied, "You know that you're the most beautiful woman. I love your smile, your beauty, and your sense of humor. I love you, Elaine Caroline Stantz." He then kissed her passionately.

Elaine smiled back, "I love you too, Raymond Francis Stantz." Then the couple continued dancing until 1:30 and the restaurant was about to close, Ray paid the bill and left a nice tip for the waiter. They were very happy and relaxed, but it was time to go. Ray and Elaine headed out and got in the car. Later, they pulled up in their driveway and went inside their home. They checked to make sure that everything was in tact, then Ray called softly, "CJ, Jules, we're home."

But there was no answer, Elaine said, "I think the kids went to bed, so let's go check on them." and they both headed upstairs. They went into Jules' room and saw Jules in her bed sleeping contently while Fluffy was lying right next to her. Ray and Elaine couldn't help but smile at their daughter; she looked so cute sleeping with Fluffy. They went over, Elaine kissed her cheek and whispered, "Good night, Sweetie." while Ray ruffled her hair. He also kissed her good night.

"We'll see you in the morning." he also whispered as they walked out quietly out of her room. They did the same thing for CJ. They both went into their room and Elaine said, "That was so nice, Ray. We're going to have to do this again sometime. Didn't CJ and Jules did a great job?" she smiled.

Ray nodded in agreement while grinning at his wife, "Yeah, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I agree, let's spend another romantic evening out together soon."

Elaine gave him another kiss. Only this time, it was deep and passionate. "You got it, Tiger."

Ray blushed at being called tiger and Elaine kissed him again.

Soon they had changed out of their clothes and put on their pjs and climbed in the bed for the night. Ray reached over and pulled Elaine to his chest and they wrapped their arms around each other. As they both fell asleep, each has a breath-taking smile on their face.

The End

I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next Time!- Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget ending credits

We never would've lost if you koopaling clowns had tried to wake me up! Whose idea was this midnight attack?!- King Koopa, True Colors

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