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Author:  Fritz [ June 23rd, 2020, 6:50 pm ]
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Some of you may remember that once upon a time I was a big fan of the anime Digimon. I even did a really stupid Ghostbusters/Digimon crossover and ran a Digimon fan site

I originally hosted it at a place called Cyberturf, which no longer exists (there is a media consultant company by that name now, though) well before I started hosting my main site, The Ectozone at GoDaddy. Eventually, Cyberturf went away as a host, and by then Digimon had gone ice cold in my interest list. After the Ectozone got hosted at GoDaddy, I just loaded the Digimon files into a folder and more or less ignored it for over a decade.

The files were there, and the site worked...partially. The style sheets no longer loaded, and a lot of the image links were broken. But like I said, I'd gone ice cold on that and left it as is.

Well, I can't really figure out why, but about a month or so ago I figured it was time to finally fix things. It was easy, just labor intensive: I had to redo every single file on the site to load style data and standardized footers and headers from other files on the site, much like I had the Ectozone. With hundreds of files I had to cut, paste, and then change the extensions on, and not wanting to "burn out" on it, I did only about a couple dozen pages a day.

Well, now it's paid off. The Digital Ectozone rides again, with the pages and images all working, and the appearance slightly updated to better match what I've done with the main site.

I'll disclaimer right now: 99.9% of the pages have the exact same content they had in 2007. I didn't even finish updating the site for the end of Digimon Data Squad, so there is absolutely nothing from Fusion, Digimon Adventure tri, or anything else since 2007. I can't promise to ever update anything again ever; think of this site mostly as a time capsule as to where my fevered mind was back in 2007.

I do have one "new" thing to add today, though it's twelve years old--meaning it's only "new" to the Digital Ectozone:

Digimon Adventure: The Courage To Fly
February 14, 2003. It has been over a month since the DigiDestined defeated MaloMyotismon once and for all. But Tai Kamiya isn't basking in the victory-he's miserable and, for the first time in his life, afraid...

I originally wrote it as an entry in a contest held on The Digital Dive. It's an examination of Tai Kamiya and Sora Takenouchi--and the knotty threads that have also ensnared Tai's sister Kari and the Ishida/Takaishi family--taking place after the end of Digimon Adventure 02 but before Revenge of Diaboromon. I mostly stick to canon, though I throw in a few bits of inspired by the version of Tai seen in the V-Tamer manga, but as you can expect I make how much I disagreed with the canon ending of 02 kinda obvious. (So, yeah. Ghostbusters isn't the only franchise in which I found a promising romance fucked up in the sequel.)

Hope you'll give it a look.

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