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Special Thanks
My unofficial "Continuity Committee", the other guardians of the GBOT canon:

Rosey Collins ("EGB Fan")
Vincent Belmont
Ben King ("Kingpin")
Jeff Chrismer ("The Razor's Edge")

Brian Reilly, who gets a lot of the credit (blame?) for my position in the community by encouraging me to release the Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline

Ludicris and Andy Harness, who also get a lot of the credit (blame?) for my position in the community by asking me to join their team, the Ghostbusters West Coast, back in 2003.

The sites that taught me what little I know about coding:

W3 Schools, host of the original Ectozone Forum. Pat Clinger runs a great service, and his knowledgeable support staff taught me a lot of stuff that I still use.

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